tell me more about your upcycled ingredients

our sustainably sourced formula is made with 60% upcycled oils pressed from avocado pits, prickly pear & maracuja seeds that are typically discarded by the food industry.

our avocado oil comes from avocados that can’t be sold in the food industry due to “imperfections''. instead of throwing them out, 100% of the avocado is fully used - pit, fruit and skin  - to create new & usable ingredients, including the super moisturizing oil that we use as our main ingredient in My Only Oil. our maracuja and prickly pear oils come from upcycling the seeds that are leftover from juicing these plants to make food & juice products. this circular process of upcycling is not only creating less waste for our environment, but it also helps reduce the fresh water and land usage that it takes to grow & harvest new plants. upcycling is the perfect way to use up what we already have from our environment and give things a second life!

why is My Only Oil fragrance-free?

we love how certain scents can spark a memory or emotion but when it comes to skincare & haircare products, there are a lot of fragrances or essential oils that can cause unwanted allergies and sensitivities. we focused on ingredients that were truly beneficial to the performance of the product and we love how universal the product is for everyone. it allows people to choose if they want to embrace their own unique natural scent or add in their favorite perfume or fragrance to their self care routine.

do I use sunscreen over or under My Only Oil?

you can apply sunscreen on your face & body after using My Only Oil. it’s also great to use My Only Oil after a day of being in the sun to help moisturize and soothe your dry skin.

i have oily skin. can I still use My Only Oil?

yes! although using an oil on oily skin can seem counterintuitive, it can actually be quite beneficial, especially if you use it as a cleanser. some water-based cleansers have harsh surfactants that can overstrip the skin, removing your natural oils. this can cause your skin to dry out and produce more oil to overcompensate for the lack of moisture, which can lead to oily skin. My Only Oil is a great alternative cleanser because it can help dissolve (but not strip) excess oil while helping to keep your skin moisturized and smooth. the lightweight blend of oils leaves your skin feeling velvety soft instead of oily and greasy.

is My Only Oil safe for sensitive skin?

yes! My Only Oil was formulated with gentle ingredients and has been dermatologically tested and approved for use on sensitive skin. that being said, every person is unique and so is their skin. if you have any specific concerns with any of the ingredients, please reach out to us at wecare@mycontemplation.com so we can chat!

is My Only Oil safe to use while pregnant?

while My Only oil is fragrance-free and made with only gentle plant-based oils, when it comes to using any cosmetic products during pregnancy, we advise that it is always best to check with your physician first.

is My Only Oil safe to use on eczema prone skin?

My Only Oil does not include any of the ingredients that should be avoided according to the 'National Eczema Association'. we created a gentle formula that is fragrance free and includes oils that help soothe dry and irritated skin. that being said, if you have eczema prone skin, it is always best to check with your physician on what products are best to use for your individual needs and test products before use. test a pea size amount of formula on your arm and wait for 24 hours to see if any sign of irritation occurs. always check the full ingredient list prior to purchase to make sure you are avoiding any ingredients you may be allergic to. reach out to us at wecare@mycontemplation.com if you have any questions for us regarding the ingredients or formula.

what is your return policy?