our ethos

contemplative self care.

self care doesn't just come in the form of products - we're here to talk about conscious consumption vs careless consumerism.

do more, waste less.

smaller environmental footprint, bigger social impact. we only make products that save time, resources, and money so everyone can focus on the more important things in life.

unapologetic action.

not everyone loves change, but let's face it - our world needs it. we partner with organizations that are fighting for climate & social justice for all. because it matters.

we believe in water preservation. billions of people are affected by water scarcity but most beauty products are still made up of 60-85% water. we're keeping our formulas waterless & reducing our water footprint to help protect this natural resource.

My Only Oil , sustainable multipurpose oil for skin and hair

we believe in minimalism – not materialism. that means less products and less waste. we only create multi-purpose products with upcycled and sustainably sourced ingredients & materials to keep our eco-footprint small & our planet clean.

we believe in the well-being of all humans. we create genderless products that are versatile & inclusive of everyone, give back to nonprofits that support people and the planet and encourage self-love through self care.

for the planet.

from the start, we knew we wanted a percentage of our annual sales to go back toward helping our planet and future generations thrive. we are proud to be a 1% for the Planet member and support environmental nonprofits that are working to address the most urgent issues of our time.

know that when you purchase from us, you’re not only buying something to take care of yourself, but you’re helping to invest in a better future for everyone.

learn more @ onepercentfortheplanet.org