contemplate. it all.

image of 4 people laying down and holding hands while covered in flowers

our ethos

contemplative self care.

contemplation stands for promoting a positive self-image through inspiring conscious choices on personal care vs consumerism.

committed to taking less and giving more.

we make products with a smaller environmental footprint and bigger social impact. our core values are minimal ingredients, waterless formulas & multi-purpose products that are low waste & ethically made.

creating change.

with every purchase, we give back a portion of our profit to people and the planet so we can help build a better future for everyone.

we believe in water preservation. billions of people are affected by water scarcity but most beauty products are still made up of 60-85% water. we're keeping our formulas waterless & reducing our water footprint to help protect this natural resource.

we believe in minimalism – not materialism. that means less products and less waste. we only create multi-purpose products with upcycled and sustainably sourced ingredients & materials to keep our eco-footprint small & our planet clean.

we believe in the well-being of all humans. we create genderless products that are versatile & inclusive of everyone, give back to nonprofits that support people and the planet and encourage self-love through self care.

for the people & our planet

we've partnered with RISE by Sundara, a nonprofit that supports and empowers early-stage female entrepreneurs who are working to resolve water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in their underserved communities across the world. these women know first-hand the impact of having restricted access to clean water and are working hard to improve circumstances for generations to come.

5% of profits from every purchase you make is donated to the Sundara Fund to support the powerful work they are doing.

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